We offer a great range of theme party ideas, with popular themes for parties including James Bond, Las Vegas, Circus, Fairground, Decades, and more. However, one o the most popular party themes by far is the Hollywood theme with a huge amount of various options being presented to allow you to create your very own Hollywood theme party that is unique to you and your specific event. We have many Hollywood themed party ideas available and you can choose a very unique package deal to suit your budget, venue and occasion, with lookalikes, entertainment, live music, and décor available. We can cater for Hollywood theme parties anywhere in the UK seven days a week, throughout the year and our Hollywood party theme ideas have been supplied to weddings, balls, fetes, carnivals, family fun days, and corporate functions.

At a Hollywood red carpet theme party we can supply the decorations and props such as red carpets and velvet ropes, as well as various entertainers to meet and greet your guests on arrival. Our spoof paparazzi will snap your guests as they enter the event, making them feel like a star, and our lookalikes of famous actors and television personalities can mix and mingle with your guests throughout the event. From an Oscar night through to a ‘wrap party’ you can choose the Hollywood party themes. We can offer advice on the live music options that we have available for this themed party, as well as giving a list of other theme parties that may benefit your occasion.

A Hollywood themed party is always a winner and whether your guests dress up for the party themes or not, they are guaranteed to have a great time. We also have a range of entertainment products such as fun inflatables, side stalls, fairground rides, and giant games that we can alter to complement to Hollywood themed parties. If you want to learn more about our Hollywood party theme ideas, or wish to bring our Hollywood themes for parties to your next function or event give our sales team a call. If you want to discuss another possible theme party idea then ask our team for we have experience in the industry and can tell you what themes tend to work well with certain events as well as warning against those that may not work as well. The Hollywood theme, however, is always a success at any type of venue to take a look at our website or speak to our team to find out more.